Carers UK Courses

Carers UK have brought together helpful information to help support you in your caring role in their Digital Resources section on their website. These resources and online courses, will help support your own physical, emotional health and wellbeing alongside managing your caring responsibilities. It also includes information about supporting the health and wellbeing of the person you look after.

To access these courses go to and create an account, when prompted use the free access code provided by Devon County Council: DGTL8827

E-learning courses include

About me: building resilience for caring

A joint course designed in conjunction with Nutricia which aims to help carers understand the role of nutrition both for themselves as well as the person they are looking after.

The role of good nutrition when caring for someone

This course aims to help you identify resources, technologies and sources of support in order to prevent your caring responsibilities from becoming overwhelming. Interactive learning materials describe the symptoms of – and suggest strategies for coping with – stress, including tips for staying healthy and managing time effectively.

Young adult carers e-learning

This course offers information and advice for young carers aged 18-24 years. The course aims to help young carers identify support available, identify ways of working alongside caring, explain continuing education and training options, explain how to get financial support and support on staying healthy.

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