Planning for an emergency – What if?

Planning for an emergency – ‘What if…?’ Emergency Plan

We have worked collaboratively with other professionals to produce the ‘What if…’ Emergency Plan – each section of the plan will prompt you to record important details and wishes.

What is an emergency plan?

An emergency plan is a record that needs to contain basic, useful information to help others when looking after the person (or persons) you care for.  For some, particularly those who are caring for people with severe or complex needs, the plan may include pre-arranged support from statutory or private agencies.

To find out more about contingency planning:

How do I fill out my ‘What If…’ Emergency Plan?

Print out the sheets you need to complete below and use them to record the information you wish to be known to help others. If needed, use more sheets if you have a lot of information to record.  Put all the sheets together, with the front cover on top, so it is easily recognisable to others.

Front cover sheet

Put it at the front of your plan – this will make it easily seen, should it be needed in an emergency. Click here

Guidance notes

All the information and guidance needed to complete your plan – please take a little time to read these notes as they will help you consider what you need to include in your plan. Click here

Contents checklist

A handy sheet for you to tick off all the pages you have completed – it will help you and others know what your plan includes. Click here

Information to be stored in your Message In A Bottle

Use this form if you have a Message In A Bottle pot in your fridge – the form includes all the information the emergency services would need to know, in the event of an emergency. Click here 

Friends and family who support me

This is a very important section of your plan – it helps you list all your family and friends who support you, with their contact details and description of how they help you.  Please make sure you ask for their agreement to their personal details being held in your plan. Click here

Professionals who support me

Another very important section to complete – use this sheet to record the contact details of all the people who regularly support you from different organisations (for example your Carer Support Officer or Occupational Therapist) and how they help you. Click here

My pets

Do you own one or more pets?  Use this sheet to record details about them – so should anything happen, you know they will be looked after as per your instructions.

Please ensure you receive prior consent from the people who have agreed to care for your pet/s to record their personal details on this sheet. Click here

Services I use regularly

Use this sheet to record details of all services you have in place to support you – for example, a cleaner or food delivery service. Click here

Useful contacts

Keep all the useful telephone numbers you may need in one place!  We have started you off with a couple, add any details that you think would be of use. Click here

My planning pages

The diagrams on this page will help you to consider the most important things you need to plan for. Click here

I am a carer – information about me

This is where you can write down useful information about yourself and your own needs.  It includes details of your own care and support needs as well as details of your caring role(s). Click here

I have a carer – information about the person you care for

This can be completed by the person you care for, with your help if needed.  It includes information about them, their care needs, capacity and interests. Click here

Medication information

Keep all the details of medication taken by yourself and the person you care for on one sheet – it also includes a timetable to help others understand your medication routine. Click here


Where shall I keep my ‘What if…’ Emergency Plan?

At home!

Most importantly – keep your plan at home and let key people know where it is kept.  Choose a place that is easy to find and do not move it from there.

The Lions Club ‘Message In A Bottle’ Scheme provides a small pot (pictured) that is stored in your fridge, with a sticker to be placed by your front door.  This alerts any emergency services that enter your property to check the fridge for the pot.

Lion's Club - Message in a Bottle Scheme

Place a short message inside the pot, confirming you have a ‘What if…’ emergency plan and its location.  To help with this, our plan includes a sheet that can be completed and placed in the pot.

Please try to keep your plan as up to date as possible – this will help others to look after the person you care for.

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