How is an assessment carried out?

How is a Carers Assessment carried out?

Currently a Carers Assessment can be undertaken via the telephone or face to face with a Carers Support Officer or a Helpline Support Worker.  The assessment takes approximately an hour and a quarter to complete. Information is recorded on an assessment form and if you wish, you will receive a copy of the assessment.

If you need to arrange for a care worker to look after the person you care for or help with travel costs to be able to attend the appointment, you can have up to two hours care paid for or more, if the journey you have to make will mean you have to be away longer.  You will receive a claim form prior to your assessment. The claim form will need to be signed by the person providing your check, so please remember to take it with you.

What is a Carers Assessment?

Do I need a Carers Assessment?

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