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one of the UK’s leading and largest specialist drug, alcohol and mental health treatment charities. We believe that effective treatment needs to be tailored to the individual. Each person needs committed and caring support as they move forward step by step. Addaction helps adults, young people, families and communities to change for the better.

For more information visit: www.addaction.org.uk


Adfam is for family and friends affected by someone else’s substance use – the website offers information, local support groups and services to help you.

For more information visit: www.adfam.org.uk

Addiction Helper

The website offers useful information for family and friends of a person with an addiction. Addicition Helper also offers a confidential helpline.

For more information visit: www.addictionhelper.com/help-for-family/


Al-Anon famiy groups provide support to anyone whose life is, or has been, affected by someone else’s drinking, regardless of whether the person is still drinking or not. They understand that alcoholism affects the whole family, not just the drinker. Al-Anon has over 800 support groups nationwide, where friends and family of alcoholics share their experiences in order to solve common problems. They also offer a confidential helpline 10am-10pm 365 days a year – 0207403 0888.

For more information visit: www.al-anonuk.org.uk

Alcohol Change UK

(Merge of Alcohol Concern and Alcohol Research) Alcohol Change aims to enable you to to find support, improve your knowledge to enable you to make an informed choice about alcohol, offers new ideas about alcohol harm reduction, has a quick quiz to check your drinking consumption, information about treatments and tips on how to cut down on alcohol.

For more information visit: www.alcoholchange.org.uk


works to reduce alcohol misuse and harm and to help people make better choices about drinking. They offer helpful online tools including alcohol self assessment, unit and calorie calculator, sign up for their MyDrinkaware online tracker App and you vs UK:drinking comparison calculator, They offer advice for people who is concerned about their own drinking, for people concerned about others including children.

For more information visit: www.drinkaware.co.uk

Drink wise, age well

The organisation was formed to help people over 50 in mDevon make healthier choices about alcohol as they age. Their service includes free confident support and advice; free local activities and social opportunities to meet new people, or develop skills; free training on starting conversations, recognising an responding to alcohols impact as we age.

For more information visit: www.drinkwiseagewell.org.uk

Drug Fam

Drug Fam provide support to families, friends and carers who are struggling to cope with a loved ones addiction to drugs or alcohol. They offer a helpline 9am-9pm, 7 days a week.

For more information visit: www.drugfam.co.uk

Families Anonymous

Families Anonymous is an organisatio for family members and friends affected by anothers abuse of mind-altering substances, or related behavioural problems. The organisation is a self-help service with a programme based on the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions first formulated by Alcholics Anonymous. They provide a helpline.

For more information visit: famanon.org.uk


Honest information about drugs. Help and advice if you are worried about a friend or relative, how to deal with peer pressure, find a support centre, what to do in an emergency, an A-Z of drugs with news on drugs and their effects.

For more information visit: https://www.talktofrank.com/

One Small Step

A free service to support you to improve your health and wellbeing by helping to motivate you to maintain a healthy weight, get more active, cut down on alcohol and quit smoking by helping you to break the routine. They offer telephone coaching, online support, e-learning courses and a free mobile Drinkaware app.

For more information visit: www.onesmallstep.org.uk

Rehab 4 Addiction

Rehab 4 Addiction was founded to assist those affected by substance misuse and their loved ones. They offer a range of services and help to signpost you to effective treatments. This includes alcohol rehab, drug rehab detox services, intervention, aftercare and outpatient counselling. Their helpline advisors are committed to helping you find effective treatments for addiction.

You can benefit from their services immediately by contacting them via telephone 0800 140 4690 or via their contact form.

For more information visit: www.rehab4addiction.co.uk

UK SMART Recovery

Self-Management and Recovery Training promotes choice in recovery through a national network or mutual-aid meetings and online training programmes. They help individuals recover from any addictive behaviour to lead meaningful and satisfying lives; using science-based therapeutic programme of training. Their 4 point programme helps people to decide whether they have a problem, builds up their motivation to change and offers a set of proven tools and techniques to support recovery. They also provide family and friends meetings as a safe place to discuss their concerns.

For more information visit: www.smartrecovery.org.uk




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