Returning to work or leaving employment – What carers need to know Q&A

I have had to use some of my annual leave in order to temporarily care for a relative. As an employed person do I have the same rights as a full-time employed carer?

This is unpaid time off to manage an emergency situation relating to someone the individual has responsibility for. Please visit our website for more information here: Time off for dependents

What are my rights regarding employment and caring during Covid 19? Can I refuse to do something if I am concerned about my cared for person?

All employees with over 26 weeks service with a company have a right to request flexible working, for details of how to do visit here Making a flexible working request

With regards going back to work, how can I get up to date references when I have been at home caring for so long? All my references are friends/family.

Detail about the rights an individual has regarding references can be found on our website here: Providing a job reference

Do I have to give up my job as can’t manage both roles? What support can I get as cared for person doesn’t see a problem and so doesn’t want an assessment?

Details regarding holiday as well as sickness absence etc. Holiday, sickness and leave

What if I want to make a complaint about my employers?

The process with regards to complaints can be found here: Discipline and grievance procedures

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