I am in debt

I am in debt

It is not at all uncommon for carers to struggle financially and to find themselves in debt. This may be because of a variety of factors, such as a carer having to reduce their hours at work as their caring role increases, or experiencing the extra financial burden that some health conditions can carry. We understand how worrying getting into debt can be and how you can feel overwhelmed and stressed by it all.

You do not have to try and cope with these worries alone; there is lots of free confidential advice available to you.

A number of websites provide information about debt problems:

Citizens Advice Bureau Has a section on debt and a tool which helps work out which are priority debts and steps that you can take yourself


Money Advice Service Website is all about money matters



National Debtline Telephone and internet-based advice from a national charity


Debt Advice Foundation Website contains good advice and their helpline is 0800 043 40 50


Carers UK  Also have a very useful section on debt


There are two organisations that can help with advice and practical assistance for people (and their families) who are currently serving or have served in the armed forces:


SSAFA Provide debt advice, can help with grants and offer other practical and emotional support


Royal British Legion  Provide support on managing debt  – all completely confidentially and free of charge

Trussell Trust  Anyone can reach crisis point and food banks are available to help at anytime whether you’ve received an expected bill, redundancy or benefit delays you will be able to find a local foodbank on this site. Further information is accessible including: money management, eat well spend less and tackling fuel poverty.


Wiser Money offer free, confidential and impartial money and dept advice. Financial hardship can affect anyone at anytime in their lives. If you are owrried about your current or future financial situation, contact a Wiser£money advisor to discuss how they maybe able to assist you.


Assistance With Paying Utility Bills 

Caring for someone at home often means an increase in utilities use. If you are on certain types of benefits, utility companies can offer discounts and advice to assist you if you are struggling to pay for your bills (some are means tested or are dependent upon which benefit you are in receipt of)

Centre For Sustainable Energy offers advice and information about insulation, how to get the most out of heating your home, and understanding your energy bills amongst other topics.

LEAP The Local Energy Advice Partnership is a free service that provides energy advice to help people keep warm and look at how you can reduce your energy bill.


UKPower.co.uk offer advice on cheaper energy for disabled and vulnerable customers. This website is in partnership with uSwitch – a price comparison site.

South West Water offer a WaterCare tariff which is designed to help you if you are on a very low income.

Welfare Benefits

When my caring role ends

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