Carer Friendly Communities for Supporters

Carer Friendly Communities


For Supporters

We believe that it is possible to improve the lives of carers in communities across Devon. By becoming a Carer Friendly Community (CFC) Supporter you will learn about unpaid carers and their caring role, understanding the stresses and strain of their role and show your support by displaying the CFC logo.

What are the benefits of becoming a CFC Supporter?

We think you probably already do lots of carer friendly things without recognising it – by engaging with us, we will be able to highlight those things and with some small changes you can become more carer friendly.

The benefits to you are:
• To give something back to your community
• To share best practice and meet with other partners in your area
• To create a loyal customer base
• Word of mouth – carers will share information when they have had a positive experience

By becoming part of our community, you will help carers feel supported and valued in their community by:
• Knowing their role is understood
• Increase their self-esteem
• Feel valued for their contribution to the community

What will I receive as a Supporter?

We will provide you with:

We can offer training on how to support both customers and staff who are carers. We offer a variety of training and awareness packages to suit the size or needs of your organisation, from online awareness training to face to face sessions.


We can provide you with branded promotional materials and inclusion on our website directory of supporters.


Ongoing contact with Devon Carers to assist you to remain carer friendly. You will receive e-bulletins, as well as support from our Community Engagement Team.


We are committed to helping you consider how you can support carers in your community by offering ongoing help, training and engagement.

What commitment do you need from me?

• Sign up, using the short application form
• Identify staff to undertake awareness training
• Feedback approximate numbers of carers supported
• Support carer awareness campaigns (e.g. Carers Week)

How do I become a Supporter?

Please complete the application form.

You should hear from us within 10 working days with details of your online awareness training. Once you have successfully undertaken your training we will send you your supporters pack that will include promotional materials to get you started.

Would you consider donating £25, £50 or £75 to help us deliver this service to more carers across Devon? If so, please donate here.

We look forward to working with you!

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