Month: June 2019

Booking Replacement Care

12th June 2019

What do you want when you book replacement care (respite)?   Devon County Council would like to know what you would like in a replacement care booking system.  It could have the same type of features as any on-line booking or shopping application (e.g. Trivago, Amazon), and must have a method of searching for care, booking, paying for care (if relevant) and other features, such as feedback.    The system…

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Volunteers’ Week

3rd June 2019

Volunteers’ Week 1st-7th June 19 gives us the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to our amazing volunteers. Volunteers lend their time and expertise to support carers in their local communities. Carers volunteer for a whole variety of reasons but most want to do something useful and help others. It’s a great way to make new…

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